GDPR Legal Basis

When you buy something from our shop, we need to collect certain personal details from you to complete your purchase (name. address, phone number for updates in case something goes wrong, etc). We also have a conversation with PayPal and as part of that, PayPal collects some of the order details to process. PayPal have their own data protection statements and commitments to you that soon fall outside of our remit.

On this site, we do not collect, store or process any data concerning your financial interaction with PayPal beyond the note that your payment was successful.

On this site, once your order is complete  we will delete the personal details you have given concerning the order as soon as practical - we retain the order number and the amounts only for financial audit purposes.

We are not storing any Personally Identifiable Information on you in this website's database any longer than is absolutely necessary. This means you will have to re-enter your details for each order you make with us.

We will never pass your details onto a 3rd party for any other use.

Only named persons can access this data. The data is backed up and stored securely whilst we hold it during order processing (i.e. from the moment you click on a button to send us the data until the moment we see the order abandoned or processed and completed).

Here is an excellent article on the Information Commissioners Office web site - Does an organisation need my consent.

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