Sounds of The Hop Festival Vol.1 CD

21 Tracks from your favourite Hop Festival Bands & Acts

Sounds of the Hop Festival Vol. 1

We've heard some great acts at the festival. This 21 track limited edition compilation features some of the highlights since 2012, with 14 of the donated songs from bands you can see here in 2016.

At just £5 and available now from festival partner Candyrock Records, this is a memento you'll keep for years to come whilst helping to secure the event for future generations of festival goers and musicians alike (all profits to the festival fund).

Listen to a sample below, to buy click this link Buy Now.


Full Track Listing:      
Artist   Title Run Time
Ola Onabule   Behind 4:54
Helen North   Little Paper Boat 2:26
Green Diesel   The Hop Festival Song 4:35
High Tide   Colour Burst 4:44
Hannah Scott   My Dad and I 3:51
Dik Cadbury & Pete Hicks   Warm Summer Night 5:37
Forged Steal   Goodnight Irene 2:31
Apples... I'm Home   From The Road 5:04
Green Diesel   The Southcliffe Jig 3:30
Dave Mac   What A Lovely Day 4:51
Capriole   C'est La Fins (Live) 1:27
Goosebumps   Blood Shot Eyes 2:57
Feral Ghost   Gabrielle 4:04
Dead Man's Corner   Souls Unknown 5:09
I.R.I.S.   The Shade 4:40
Mockingbird Band   Hole In My Heart 1:56
The Unknown   Going Down 3:56
Ben Russell & The Charmers   Swimming With Elijah 3:13
John James Appleyard   Susie 2:37
Narn   I Really Don't Care (Chips and Cheese) 3:21
Sarah McQuaid   The Silver Lining 2:12
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