Volunteers ~ Positions Vacant

There are many tasks involved in delivering this major event safely each year, and below we list those we currently need some help with (if something appears to be missing it means that at this stage THAT role is filled but may appear again later should the position become vacant once more).

The roles themselves break down into the following basic categories:-

    • Runners

These vital roles within the machine just keep everything oiled and running smoothly. Without them, there is no one to re-stock the merchandisers, take water out to the teams on the ground, check on and re-supply the stewards with information leaflets and other materials, manage rotation of the cash donation buckets and carry non-urgent messages back and forth to control.

    • Ground Crew

These helpers are primarily responsible for setup and take down tasks at the start and end of the festival, and start and end of each day. Roles include helping the security teams site stall holders, accepting and siting toilet units, ensure signs are delivered and erected correctly around the town and the stages (and taken down and collected again), setup and take down of the information / merchandising stands each day and help with cash collection from the merchandising stalls at the entrance points to the festival.

    • Festival Hosts

Stewards are there to keep people happy and keep them smiling, giving out directions, answering questions and generally helping things along. They are never to be considered replacements to police or event security. They are given T-Shirts to help identify them to the visiting public (which they get to keep).

To volunteer please choose the General Enquiry option from the Contact menu above ...

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